R-P229 Experimental Y Tree

Last updated: Feb 11, 2017

GRCh38-based Y DNA Tree


The variants beginning with the HR prefix are presented for tree formatting purposes only. The names are being used as a shorthand to the position and mutation, since several markers included have long insertion or deletion events. As these mutations are part of a long block of phylogenetic equivalents there is little chance other resources would name them. It is recommended users of the reporting at this site have a more traditional name assigned at the lab of their choice. These updates will be reflected as ybrowse.org reflects a traditional reference source.

Kits marked with (**) are placed using Sanger sequence evidence. Additional SNP testing could advance the placement to more recent branches. Kits marked with (*) use vendor supplied analysis of Next Generation Sequencing tests mapped to the GRCh38 reference.

TMRCA calculations use the number of private Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in samples with a BAM. The location must have a minimum of four reads and a PHRED-scaled quality score greater than or equal to ten. The count of the qualifying mutations are divided by the product of callable distance and Adamov et al.'s (2015) 8.2e-10 mutation constant.